Client Reviews

My goal is to become your “go to guy” for all of your web design, print media and marketing needs in the future. Understanding that a happy client is a network for more work (with referrals and future business), I make sure every client is totally satisfied with my marketing services. Here is just a small collection of the inspiring feedback I’ve received over the years…

“Wow, that is great!!! Let me say again WOW!!! I am so happy to be working with you, Thanks. I can now use the site to help us bring in new investors as well as strengthing relationships with brands and retailers”.

– Thomas, California

“Just want to thank you again for an amazing job! When you had sent me the link to preview our new site for the first time I was so nervous to click it because I had no idea what to expect. I have to tell you that when the page loaded up I was blown away! You did an absolutely phenomenal job and have completely exceeded our expectations. You took in everything we spoke about prior to starting and delivered exactly what I had envisioned, and you didn’t stop there. When the site was done and already looked great, you took it even further and worked with me in the little details to make it look amazing which made me truly happy. I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and for our absolutely awesome Website. Thanks so much.”

– Brian, Florida

“As a Rule, I don’t work on Sunday’s! …and I shy away from offering recommendations! However, when I saw your email request to confirm Damien’s authenticity as the author of our website, I was compelled to answer your email immediately, even on a Sunday. Damien deserves this attention! He has delivered exactly the content, look and feel of the vision we originally shared with him. Well, actually, his version is much better even then the vision we originally outlined.

You need to know that he took the time to learn about us, about our business, about our customers, what our values are, where we want to take our business, and what we want to say, about ourselves and our commitments to delivering the very best results possible….all this with a Spirit of Excellence!

I can whole heartedly recommend Damien on our experience of his exceptional Professional skills, his ability to meet (and exceed) his commitments and our expectations, and his ability to fine tune the end result into EXACTLY what we’ve asked for (with significant enhancements)! Not only did Damien build our website from scratch, he will continue to maintain it indefinitely, as well!

I know you’re in good hands, Damien will invest himself in your project(s), as he has invested in ours.

It is our humble opinion that he truly deserves this recommendation and your business.”

– Brad, Hawaii

“All the change’s look good, as a matter of fact everything looks good. I’m really pleased with what you did. Thank you very much.”

– John, Ohio

“I love it! Can’t say enough! You have definitely delivered as promised and we couldn’t be happier with how quickly you did this.”

– Jordan, New Jersey

“This is thrilling. It’s been a pleasure working with you as well. And I have already recommended you to 2 or 3 people now. Hopefully I’ll be passing along some business to you in that regard. I am so glad it’s come to the big time. I thank you and I thank you.”

– Desson, Washington D.C.

“During my meeting with the development company the other day, I showed him your work to get his opinion, since I knew he was very knowledgeable with it all. After he poked around your site a little bit, he assured me that you knew what you were doing, and that your work was very high quality. He even said that he might hire you to do some work for him as well. ”

– Brad, Texas

“As a small online business owner I account for every penny. Not only does Damien Sterling have top quality design, website creation, and SEO skills, he is an astute professional business person that understands the economics of small business, how to drive traffic to a website, and how to turn that traffic into sales. Damien proved his weight in gold to me & MORE! He actually saved my business money by recommending new online payment and web hosting options.

Damien built a solid relationship with me via email, we have never met, never spoken to each other.  I would recommend Damien for anyone with an online business that requires an effective website. I now understand the value of a regular website “tune up” and plan to be working with Damien at least annually. I will never use another resource for my business website needs, Damien Sterling is my go to guy.”

– Carrie, California

Thank You SOSOSOSOSO Much!!! It looks awesome!

– Chris, Georgia

“Damien… I must confess my heart was in my throat as I opened [the preview] (exacerbated by the fact that I am also in the midst of commissioning an artist to do some charcoal sketches of hula dancers, and I’m having a harder time that I’d anticipated conveying my ‘vision’ to her of what I was hoping for…) On the other hand, this is positively spectacular. Let me put that in caps…SPECTACULAR. Sure, there are a number of LITTLE things I’ll ask you to change, but the concept is positively TERRIFIC…and more than worth waiting for. NICELY DONE, sir. More detailed comments later, but I really like the flower images, the use of the PCC dancer pic and the way you’ve broken up my big write-up MUCH mo’ bettah than scrolling down. Again, sleep well tonight…all of our ‘back and forth’ in the planning stage paid handsome dividends; thanks for listening. Mahalo nui loa, my friend.”

– Mike, Maryland

Just celebrated my year anniversary in business . . . couldn’t have done it without you. You built a fantastic website for me at a price I could afford. You are so damn talented it isn’t even funny. This website has soooooo much to offer in the way of aesthetic appeal and potential growth.  Nice job bud!  Much love,

– Greg, Kansas

Everyone loves the new site.  I am also very pleased how everything turned out.  Nice Job!

– Dave, Idaho

“Seeing the new additions to the website reminded me of the time I first saw the website. A few years ago, I was driving up the Pali from Windward side checking the website out on my iPhone.  I was so impressed at what you had done with my dream that I started crying. Thank you so much my Friend.”

– Mike K, Hawaii

“Just a quick note to say hi and to tell you that I’m getting lots of nice comments about the post card you did for me.  …  thanks again!”

– Mike W, Maryland

“To be quite honest – I LOVE IT!!! Big hug to You from frozen PA!”

– Dominik, Philidelphia

“Thank you very much Damien for all you have done. The site looks perfect and it’s ready to go! I am glad that I found you at Craigslist and look forward to working with you for years to come.”

– Kazuyo, Hawaii

“Perfect!  Thanks so much!  I’m starting to get some real traction, because of the website. Thanks for the great work!

 – Jennifer, New Hampshire

“Hi Damien, very pleased, you’ve done a super job….thanks for the time and effort you’ve put in.”

– Jimmy, Florida