Finally, a website you will be proud of! All projects welcome.

Prior to getting started on your website, we get to know your business, your future goals, your competition, your vision and more.  With this information we create an Initial Business Assessment & Website Outline that details the organization, content and features you’ll need to truly stand out in your industry.

100% Original Design

When designing your website we literally start with a blank canvas. This is the most effective way of capturing the essence of your brand and the value of your services and/or products. Your website design will be completely exclusive to your company and far more memorable than those of your competitors.

Optimal Organization

Your website must guide visitors with ease to important information, and subsequently convince them to take an action (ie: contact you, purchase an item, etc). Our job is to blaze a trial for your visitors and showcase important content at the right moments.

Special Functionality

Your website will include the features and functionality needed to keep visitors engaged, generate leads and allow potential customers to connect with you online. This might include video, image galleries, subscription services, mailing lists, interactive maps, memberships and more!

Mobile Friendly / Responsive Design

Obviously today every website must be mobile-friendly.  All of our websites are designed to be “responsive”, which means all the website content automatically adjusts to the user’s device. Visitors will be able to browse your website easily, no matter what device they are using, and the search engines will view your website as mobile-friendly.

Content Management

Take control of your website once it’s published. With your CMS (content management system) you’ll be able to take the wheel and update all the important content on your website without our help.

Website Traffic Reporting (or Analytics)

Find out how many people visit your site everyday, which pages they viewed and for how long, where they are located, how they found you and much more! Google’s awesome webmaster tools and analytics application will allow you to see which of your advertisements s are paying off, so you can adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

People must find your website before they can become excited about your products or services. This is why we work to ensure every website is optimized for the search engines. After researching your competitors and target market, we create an SEO plan as part of your Initial Business Assessment & Website Outline.

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Social Media

What Social Media Networks do I need, and how should I use them?  We help you answer these questions, and from there we integrate your social networks with your website for a stronger online presence.

Unlimited Revisions

During the entire web development project, you are able to see progress as your website takes shape.  During this process you can request as many changes as needed to make sure the your website lives up to your expectations.  Your satisfaction is our top priority here at Remington Media!

Satisfaction Guarantee

The final balance isn’t due until you approve everything. The quality of the site you envision is the quality of the site you will receive. This official guarantee is in every contract.

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